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Get ready brave CABALists!
Chaos Arena opens its gates after today’s Scheduled Server Maintenance.


® In order to participate in the Scheduled Opening of Chaos Arena, gamers must proceed to the entrance of Chaos Arena located in Bloody Ice (Coordinates: X:10, Y:28).
® Maximum number of players to enter Chaos Arena : 21 players per Level.

e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Chaos Arena Entrance
® There are 5 different levels for Chaos Arena and each channel opens all 5 different levels of Chaos Arena. Total Participants: 105 Players
® Each level of Chaos Arena allows players to enter the map according to their level.
® Entrance requirement: Players must have the required entrance item – Miracle Key/s
® Players can craft Miracle keys with ingredients found inside the game or they may purchase Keys from the CABAL Cash Shop.

e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Chaos Arena Level Requirement
Chaos Arena Rules:

1. Play time in Chaos Arena: total 25 minutes (It is not possible to enter Chaos Arena after 5 minutes of its opening)
2. Monsters will appear as soon as the gate of Chaos Arena is destroyed.
3. As time goes by, high level monsters will appear in Chaos Arena
4. Boss monster will appear later than lower level monsters.
5. Items drop from monsters – Cores (All types of Cores will drop from monsters including the Highest Type of Upgrade Cores)
6. Boss monsters will drop different types of items
7. If players kill the Boss monster, they complete Chaos Arena.
8. When players are killed inside the Chaos Arena:

- They can resurrect once in Chaos Arena if players have an Odd Circle.

- If players do not have an Odd Circle or already used an Odd Circle once, they will move/re-spawn to Bloody Ice as they failed Chaos Arena.

Partial CHAOS ARENA Entry Schedules:
1st Entry 00:00
2nd Entry 04:00
3rd Entry 08:00
4th Entry 12:00
5th Entry 16:00
6th Entry 20:00

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