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In-game events are a staple to encourage you to strive for greatness in the game, aside from the daily grind of fulfilling your quests. Before, only GMs were able to conduct these activities, but now, the challenge is now passes on to you.

If you’ve got ingenious ideas for in-game events, then this is an appropriate time for you to take this opportunity to come up with great events for you and for your friends.

To find out more about this great prospect, check the mechanics below.

Supreme Destiny Event Suggestion Box

  • Players who want to submit an entry must send the following information to
Subject: SD Event Suggestion

Player Information
Character Name:
Event Details
Event Title:
Event Objectives:
EP Item Requirement:
Number of Participants:
Proposed Prizes:
Full Mechanics:
  • Entries must have complete event details; which means that the number of participants, mechanics, prizes, and event conditions must be stated in the document.
  • Entries may be based on any themes; they can be seasonal events (ex: Valentine’s Day event, Christmas event, etc.) or random events that can be implemented any day and any time (ex: trivia event, bring-me event etc.)
  • The e-Games Community Team may adjust the mechanics of chosen entries according to game limitations.
  • The e-Games Community and GM Teams may change the proposed prizes according to e-Games standard and game limitations.
  • The e-Games Community Team may select and implement more than one event per month.
  • The chosen events will be announced every end of the month. Their schedule will be announced in the website and the forums.
  • Players whose entries were selected will receive the following rewards:

100% God Fate

Enhanced Potion 7 Days
50M Silver Brick
  • The e-Games Community Team has the right to keep the submitted events for future implementation.

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