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Event Title: A Glacial Horizon

Event Objective:
1. Investigate Ether Platform.
2. If found, kill any threat to your race. Use your best judgment!

Event Overview:
Recent disappearances in the Lure’s Lot area have forced your racial leaders to send scouts to investigate. Even the Callianas themselves, seem to have decreased in number - clearly, they have begun avoiding the Ether Platform.

All contact with dispatched scouts ceased within minutes of their deployment in the area.

No one seems to have any information about the situation. Even your racial leaders, wizened through months of battle experience, have failed to surmise any possible reason.

Are the other races developing a new and powerful weapon? Are there secret experiments being conducted within? They are not certain.

They do, however, have one resounding fear at the back of their minds; one that they hope would be the worst yet most unlikely possibility: The Herodians.

Event Mechanics:
1. Racial leaders, something is wrong in Ether Platform. You must send your most loyal and skilled soldiers to eliminate any anomalies in the area.
2. There is a possibility that the other races might be involved in the disappearance of your racemates. Be careful, and trust no one.

Event Prize:
1. If the secret conditions are met, all characters of your race, online during this event, will win the following:
a. 6000 Contribution Points
b. 20 Hora Old Boxes

Event Schedule: (6 to 8 PM)
August 21, Thursday - Calix
August 22, Friday - Xenos
August 23, Saturday - Nexus
August 24, Sunday - Altrax
August 25, Monday - Praxis

Event Awarding:
Please allow at least two weeks processing for the insertion of items.

For your own protection, please take a screenshot of your character online during this event in case you do not receive your prize.

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