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e-Games RAN Online Philippines

Here’s one event RANatics will not want to miss!

On Friday, August 29 from 1PM to 9PM, e-Games will host a special RAN Online event at the Park Avenue i-Cafe in Pasay City. Get set for a day of fun, contests and activities for the avid gamers of the coolest school-based MMORPG!

So what’s in store for you guys? Plenty!

Register for this event for only 20 EP and enjoy freeplay activities together with your friends. We’re spicing up your game time as well as we’re conducting a 4 vs. 4 tournament to challenge the skilled and spunky players.

What’s more, you can purchase your e-Points cards for the much needed trip to the Item Shop. You can also avail hottest RAN Online installers posters and merchandise while you’re at it! There’s also going to be a RAN Item Sale, wherein you can grab some awesome in-game items to further strengthen your characters.

So make sure to head off to Park Avenue i-Cafe in Pasay City, bring your friends, guildmates and everyone else and have great gaming fun with us!

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