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Level Up! Perfect World PhilippinesCalling all Heroes of the Perfect World!

The Town Guards are talking about it. The Citizens, Merchants, and Mercenaries are heard in the streets talking about the news that the Jade Empire is re-stocking its armory with Helmets and Crown. Rumor goes that Merchants hired by the Jade Warlord will be visiting Auction Houses to look for the best equipments in the land. These Merchants will be traveling across Pangu for weeks to search and buy these equipments.

They come with lots of Yuans on their disposal. So what are you waiting for?

Try your luck now by crafting your own helmet/crown….

Event Duration: August 12, 13, 14 AND August 19, 20, 21 - 2008
Time: Random from 3pm to 7pm.

August 12 (Tuesday) – Serpent Server
August 13 (Wednesday) – Tiger Server
August 14 (Thursday) – Dragon Server

August 19 (Tuesday) – Tiger Server
August 20 (Wednesday) – Dragon Server
August 21 (Thursday) – Serpent Server

• Craft your own 3 Star helmet or crown that has either 3 or 4 slots.
• Items must have a “crafted by” prefix. Monster drops who meet the item requirement are not allowed.
• Go to the Auction NPC.
• Sell the crowns at the given Yuan rate from the table below.
• GMs will appear in-game at a random time from 3pm to 7pm to Buyout the crafted helmets from the Auction House.
• The helmets will be bought from the Auction house if it meets the Yuan equivalent based on the table below.
• The GM will buyout the corresponding items base on the exchange table below at the given time.
• You can sell as many helmets as you want.
• When the GM bought your helmet, you will receive a mail in your in-world mailbox with the notification that your item has been sold including the Yuan.

Event Rules:
• GMs will not buy the helmet in the auction house if it exceeds the equivalent Yuan value from the table.
• Items sold will not be returned.
• GMs will buy from the Auction House only from 3pm to 7pm and it’s by random. So make sure your crafted helmet is in the Auction House on the given time. (3pm to 7pm)
• There’s no maximum numbers of participants.
• If it’s 7pm already and the GM was not able to buy your helmet, check the table if it meets the exchange rate or keep it for the coming Lucky Star for your server on the scheduled date of event.

Lucky Star Trade Rate:

Reduced: 96% of original size [ 661 x 214 ] - Click to view full image

What are you waiting for, join Lucky Star-Auction House Edition now and you just might be born under a lucky star. ^_~

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