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Level Up! Perfect World Philippines

Message from the PW Team:

Starting Tuesday (August 19, 2008), we will buy at most 3 pieces of helmets and crowns per character name in every round. This way, we`ll be able to accommodate more players who have items for sale in the Auction House.

After the round and getting to the last page, we will go back to the first page and repeat the process until either we buy everything or the time runs out.

If you have other suggestions and comments with this new move and improvement in the process, please do so.

Please understand that your satisfaction is our first and foremost concern and we are always looking for ways to improve our service to you all. In line with this, we are promising you, our loyal community, that we will be opening a thread for suggestions and comments before having a Lucky Star Event in the future which you will see soon in the Imperial Post Section of the PWBoards. We know that this is but a small step towards improving how we do events, but we feel that it is a big step towards involving the community in how we do things for Perfect World.

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