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Next stop - Phoenix Internet Cafe in Pasong Tamo Makati (Near McDonalds or Ministop) on August 16. Engage yourself in 3v3 pvp madness, or try out various side activities and win exciting prizes such as: Skill Book of Choice, Level 90 Dusk Weapon of Choice or Level 6 Dragon Ball!

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and clan mates and let’s celebrate Perfect World’s 1-year Anniversary with a bash!


Cafe name / address for Tacloban to be announced

- Open to all players even if you haven’t played Perfect World before and don’t have a character so invite your friends!

How to Join:
- On the spot registration
- Registration fee – 100php

What do I get when I register for Battle Arena?
a. PW Merchandize (pens, fans, stickers, buttons pins etc…)
b. 50 top-up card
c. Snacks
d. Raffle
e. Free play

Event Proper

Tournament Mechanics
- Teams will be determined on the spot, during this time members will provide the following info:
a. Team Name
b. Character Class
- Tournament will be hosted on the test server
- Maximum of 16 teams per leg.
- Participants will be using pre-made characters from the test server.
- All matches are team vs. team (3 vs. 3) PVP match (class repetition allowed)
- 5 minute Character Set-up.
- Match Type: Best of 3-match series – First to win 2 matches will qualify for the finals.
- Match Duration: 2 minutes
- 2 Minutes Re-supply breaks are implemented between matches.
- Match-ups will be determined on the spot and will be drawn during the briefing.

Battle Arena Accounts:
- Battle Arena Accounts are pre-made accounts available on the test server
- All accounts will have the same armor, weapon, accessory and skill set
- GMs / Marshals will provide the accounts during the tournament

Point System
- A point is scored if they wipe out their opponent.
- A point is scored if they have the most surviving members.
- Ties will result to a point each

- Zoning Foul – This is defined as moving your character in an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM in-game.
- Skill Foul – This is defined as using skills in the tournament area before the countdown by the head marshal.
- Striking Foul – This is defined as striking any of the GMs in game.
- Technical Foul. This is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals. This will result in automatic disqualification

- Raffle
- Beginner’s Race
- Trivia

Event Schedule: (event date)
Get a chance to win these cool prizes when you register for PW’s Battle Arena:
Skill book of Choice
Level 90 Dusk Weapon of Choice
200M yuan
3,000 Level 5 Soulstones of Choice
Level 6 Dragon Ball

Beginner’s Race

- Open to all newbie players.
- Race for the highest level (all participants will start at level 1)
- First 5 players to register will qualify for the event.
- Start of the race will be announced by the Marshals
- The Race will run for 3 hours after which the participant who garnered the highest level will be declared as the winner.

- All 5 participants will each get PW Good Bag (pw merchandize)
- Winner will receive a Flight Item or Mount of Choice (on the spot)

PW Trivia
- Questions will be announced during the event
- First to approach the Marshal and provide the correct answer wins!

- 10M yuan
- 1500 soul stone

Clan Assembly
Rules and Mechanics
• Locate the PW booth and register for the event.
• Only supporters of the clan present in person at the event will be counted.
• Clan Imperial Assembly registration and count will be announced at the end of the event
• The clan with the most number of members present wins!
• Only 1 clan will be declared a winner per event day

• 200M Yuan
• 3,000 Level 5 Soul stones of choice

Participants Package for Battle Arena
All eligible teams will be given a participant’s package of:

a. 50M Yuan each
b. 500 level 5 amber soul stone each
c. 500 level 5 crimson soul stone each

Battle Arena Champion (3 winners):
a. PW Shirts
b. 50M yuan
c. 10k Fame
d. 3 Pcs. Level 6 Dragonball
e. Accesory of Choice
Choose between: Great Beast Ring or Ring of the Brilliant Star (GM crafted rings)

In-game prizes to be awarded 2 weeks after each leg.

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