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Revenge of the Jade Throne
Chapter 1
“Assembly of the War Councils”

“Spare me a piece of silver or two, kind sir?” old Nan Long asked the guard Lian Shi. The beggar was on his knees, a hand touching the Dragon City guard`s leg armor plate.

“Old fool! Get that filthy paw of yours off my armor! Go find work like everybody else. Why, I should turn you in, just for littering the city streets with your disgusting self. Off with you!” the guard snapped, feigning a kick to the old man`s head that would have split the beggar`s skull open easily.

“Now where were we…right…as I was saying,” the guard turned to his partner, “with things looking like they are now, it`s only a matter of time until every piece of land falls under a rebel clan`s rule. They grow stronger by the day. Inevitable, I tell ya.”

The other guard nodded wordlessly, pretending he still found Lian Shi`s opinions and various theories interesting, even if he had to listen to them from sunrise to sundown, each and every day of the entire 8 years they`ve been assigned to this patrol route inside the city walls.

“Hah! Quaking inside your suit of tin, o fearless warrior?” cackled Nan Long, who was still tailing the two guards for no apparent reason. “If only you knew what I know, maybe you`d sleep a bit better…or maybe have more reason to be afraid, I`m really not sure.”

“What in heavens are you babbling about now, you old dog?” Lian Shi asked over his shoulder, irritated.

“Surely someone as informed as you has heard of The Three?” the beggar teased.

“What three?” The guard`s face now showed a puzzled look.

“Well…” the old man looked around and moved closer to the two guards. “Merchants from afar have been speaking of these…three. Mighty warriors—or was it warlords—of some kind; possessing awesome powers. Supposedly War Councils or something….”

“Bah! You know not what you speak of, you old loon! You…”

“And I do not claim that I do, I`m just saying what I heard!” Nan Long cut the guard short. “Anyway…the three are supposed to meet soon. And they are to rally the land`s strongest heroes to fight alongside them and defend—well, I didn`t really hear what—but they will be defending something… I think.”

“Don`t think. It doesn`t suit you. Just what are you implying, anyhow?” asked Lian Shi.
“These three you speak of…whose side are they on?”

“If you possess a fraction of the intelligence you claim to have, you useless, armored dimwit, and your guess would be they are to defend the Empire from the rebel clans. That`s what I think anyway. Bah, I don`t even know why I`m sharing this with you. One would think I earned a bowl of rice at the very least for having entertained you this long. I`m going.” The beggar waved his hand nonchalantly at the guard.

“Can`t say you haven`t. While there`s no doubt your little gossip is baseless, it was indeed entertaining. Here you go, old man.” the guard flipped a silver piece to the beggar, who then scampered away after catching it.

“If it is indeed true, though…maybe we can, at least for a while, relax and not worry about losing what lands we`ve got left. I mean, if these Three are as great as the rumor says…” Lian Shi trailed off, not really aware how he said his thoughts out loud.

“Or there will be chaos.” The other guard finally spoke.

The War is almost here. Are you with the Empire? Or for the Rebels?

Event Schedule
August 7, 2008 – Serpent Server, 4pm

Party of 5.
Should be on PK mode.


  • Find one of the 3 Divinities (GM) and invite him/her to your party.
  • Area of event and exact rally point will be announced on the day of the event.
  • Other parties in PK mode could attack the Divinity party.
  • Approach the Divinity in PK mode or else 3 Elite Purple Dragon will appear in front of you and your party.
  • Bring the Divinities to the “rally point”.
  • The 3 Divinities should ONLY meet at the rally point.
  • The Divinity will only walk and follow the party leader.
  • If the Divinities meet halfway or before the rally point, they will try to kill each other including the party members.
  • Event will end when the 3 Divinities meet at the rally point.
  • The 3 party that will bring the Divinities to the rally point wins. And at any cause and means shall protect the Divinity.

Event Rules:

  • The GM will only accept party invitation if everyone in your party is on PK mode.
  • Party leader can only use the GM’s skills once. (see list of GM skills below)
  • The GM will leave the party when its entire members die.
  • In the event that only one or two members of the party are still alive, the GM shall stay with the remaining party members until another party wiped out all the members.
  • The GM shall not teleport the party member/s who died on his/her previous location.

GM Skills to be used by the Party Leader: (skills can only be used once per party)

  • Teleport all party members to nearest town. (rally point not included)
  • Summon 1 Elite Purple Dragon in current location.


  • The 3 Parties will be invited to the Imperial Clan. (GM Clan)
  • 200m yuan for the whole party.
  • 5k fame each member

*** Prizes will be awarded after the event


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