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New Weapons from Odin's Forge!

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Heroes of Valkyrie and Valhalla!

The Order of Odin has bestowed to us new weapons of power straight from the forge of Odin himself! The have provided us with new stocks to supply you with your weaponry needs.
Have a look at the new weapons we have for sale:

Encylopedia [2]
Matk + 15%, INT + 3, DEX + 2, CRI + 20.
CRI increases even more depending on the wearer's LUK.
Price: 3,000 Rokpoints

Blood Tears [2]
When attacking, by a certain chance, makes all enemies within 5*5 to bleed.
This is effective for 11*11 cells when the refine level is 9.
Price: 3,000 Rokpoints

Heart Breaker [1]
Critical + 20, ATK speed 5% increase.
Crit rate increases depending on the refine rate.
In case of Mastersmith and Bio Chemist, autospell hammerfall LV3 is casted by a certain probability
Price: 3,000 Rokpoints

Tooth Blade [1]
When attacking, 20% increase in casting time of all enemies within 5*5 cells by a certain chance.
40% increase in casting time of all enemies within 11*11 cells if the weapon refine rate is 9 or above.
Price: 3,000 Rokpoints

Can you feel all that power radiating from these items? Go on ahead and purchase one for your own!
Available now only @ the Armory of the Gods!

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