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Many of you have been clamoring for this and our GMs have been swamped with your messages, and the good news is you will not need to wait any longer! We are now proud to announce that HighStreet 5 cash-point items will be available for your purchase on 8th August, 2008. The items include hundreds of selected wear including shirts, suits, dresses, accessories and much more so go on your shopping spree to your heart's content!

The good news doesn't end there-as a sign of appreciation for your support since the Premiere Party and to commemorate the opening of the 2008 Olympics, we will be offering you EXTRA perks when you top-up your account! From 18:00 7th August to 17:00 14th August, 2008, you will be getting FREE in-game items when you top-up your account. Look at the table below for details:

Top-up Amount

Free Gifts(Item Description & Amount)

80 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X4

200 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X10

420 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X20

1060 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X50

2130 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X100

4300 Cash Points

Dinosaur Egg X200

Dinosaur Egg: Dance Power up 155 points-immediately

So what are you waiting for? The joy has only just started; join the tens of thousands of HighStreet 5 Philippines players at the city stores and dress up your characters now! Remember to top-up your account with Cash Point cards or by PayPal before you start purchasing those clothes!


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