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Three exciting events will be held in HighStreet5 from 4 PM to 6 PM everyday from 4th August to 14th August. Come join these interesting dance parties to have a wonderful moment with your HS5 friends. GMs will be onsite to host the events and handing out exquisite gifts to the winners!

Read on for the details:


M will ask questions in the announcement bar. You have to type your answer in the input bar via the customer chat channel. The first player who answers the question correctly through the customer chat channel will win a nice present.

The Power of Love:

Come join this event with your in-game sweetheart! GMs will host this couple event in the form of Lover Battle. Two couples will battle each other. Every winning couple will get nice presents.

Note: You can find a partner on the spot to join the battle.

Group Battle:

You can join this event by forming a powerful group with your friends or with your guild members. After rounds of intense competitions, the members of the champion group will win amazing gifts.

Want to have fun and meet new friends? Come join us in HS5! See you all there!



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