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August 10, 2008
Boyztrek Bolton Branch,
Bolton Street, Davao City

HoDET Tournament Proper (12:00 pm - 9:00pm)

Registration for EB Attendees (10:00am onwards)

1. Write your Server, Username, Character Name, Character Gender & current level on the registration sheet
2. Pay the registration fee of PhP100.00
3. Get your event Name Tag
4. Write your character name on the event Name Tag
5. Get (1)raffle stub
6. Get a P50 game card
7. Free in-game item
8. Flyff Snack

*Plus enjoy free play

EB Activities:

Raffle rich.gif

Participants whose ticket number is called will win the corresponding prize.

1. This activity is open to all EB registrants with raffle stubs.
2. Raffle tickets will be drawn in between activities.
3. Participants whose tickets are called will win the corresponding prize.
4. Winning participant must go up the stage for the GMs/host to verify their ticket.
5. If your number is called and you weren’t able to go up the stage before the countdown ends, you will forfeit your chance to claim the prize. The host will then draw another ticket.

Raffle Prizes:

Ultimate Weapon of Choice(Lvl60-105 weapon only) sparkle.gif
+20 Accessory of Choice sparkle.gif
Pet of Choice (Class S)(str+40, sta+40… or equivalent) sparkle.gif
Event Oricalkums/Moonstones(495pcs)
Glasses (Black / Yellow / Purple or Red)
Hover Bikes
Fashions Sets
Premium Scrolls
And Thousands of Coupons!

Boss Time Attack sneer.gif

The team with the quickest time to kill the boss monster wins the prize

1. Teams must have 8 members each. (Master/Hero class = 1.5 members[example 2 masters = 3 members]
2. Team members must be of the same server.
3. Teams will be summoned to a particular area in-game for the event.
4. When the event starts, the GM/s will summon Clockworks for each team.
5. The team that kills Clockworks at the shortest time will be the winner.
6. Teams can pick up their CW loots and share it among themselves.

Prize: 1 Orange Cloud for each member of the winning team

Penya o Bayong ridicule.gif

Isang player na natira from elimination round ay pipili kung laman ng bayong or Penya na offer ng GM

1. Lahat ng player pwede sumali
2. Magtatanong ang GM ng Trivia question
3. Pipili ang mga player sa Letra na may tamang sagot. (A,B or C)
4. Pag mali ang sagot tatangalin sila sa laro
5. Pag isa na lng natitira pupunta sa final round
6. Pipili ang player ng letter sa mga bayong na nakasulat F L Y F F
7. Makikipagtawaran ang GM laban sa laman ng letra na pinili niya.
8. Pipili ang player kung yung offer ng GM o bayong ang gusto niya.
9. Pag bayong ang pinili, bubukasan at yun ang matatangap niyang prize

Vagrant Race sneer.gif

1. Participants must create a new level 1 character.
2. Participants must increase the level of their characters for 10 minutes.
3. The player that has the highest level after 10 minutes wins.
4. Players are only allowed to use the items in their inventory.
5. Trading of items and Penya to the newbie character from a higher level character is not allowed.
6. Asking other players for buffs is not allowed.
7. If 2 or more characters tie in their level, the one with the higher EXP wins.

Prize: Newbie character is leveled up to level 60. No items are inserted.


General Rules:

1. All awarding of in-game prizes will be done at least 14 days after the event.
2. If in any case you don’t get your award after 14 days, please post on the corresponding thread in the forums or file a ticket at
3. Merchandise winners will get their prize on site.

Kita kita ta didto bai! laugh.gif

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