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Repair Guide for Crazy Kart

To repair your karts in the game, simply click the Item Mall menu in the main interface, under the Kart Shop menu there are 3 sub menus inside.

  • Buy Kart
  • Repair Kart
  • Sell Kart

Click the Repair Kart button and you will be presented with a new screen together with the Karts you currently have in your garage.

Directly under your car, a Repair button is present, click the repair button to repair a Kart of your choosing.
The moment you click the Repair button, a confirmation screen will appear asking you again if you want to repair your kart, the option is just a simple Yes or No.
Pressing No will bring back you to the previous menu.

After pressing Yes, a confirmation screen will be displayed confirming that your Kart has been totally repaired. “Repair Successful” will be the screen text displayed. Repair values differ with different Karts and durability left on your Karts.
And this is the simple way on how to repair your Karts on Crazy Kart.

Enjoy the Game, keep racing.

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