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e-Games Cabal Online Philippines Calling all Nation heroes!

The war is upon Nevareth. As sworn members of your chosen Nation, it’s your duty to defend your territory against the opposing Nation. However, before you enter the battle field, you must prepare your body and spirit. The War Server is not merciful to CABALists who have weak resolution. Know everything there is to know because knowledge will strengthen your spirit as you cross swords and exchange skills with your enemy. Practice your skills because your skill mastery will keep you alive when force arrows fall in the sky. Finally, know your history because this will keep the fire burning in your heart.

The Sage Tower Falls
As you may know, the Sage Tower is the core of administrative power that holds the whole kingdom together. However, after the disappearance of the three Sages—Sirius, Aldebaran, and Rigel—Capella and Procyon decided to create their own Nation that advocates their own ideologies. The Nevarethans were confused with the sudden fall of the Sage Tower and turned to the two sages for guidance. The people became divided. Soon, a war erupted…a war that would last for generations, until one of them becomes the supreme wielder of power and the bringer of Glory to Nevareth.

Enemy Territory (War Server/Map)
To a hero, honor is more valuable than all the alz in Nevareth. That’s why it is important to know how you can earn more honor points aside from completing quests and conquering dungeons. Note that whenever you kill monsters or players in the War Server, you gain honor points. The amount of honor points earned this way varies.

If you are an undecided hero, meaning you haven’t chosen a Nation yet, you earn 1 honor for every monster that you kill.

If you have already chosen a Nation, the amount of honor points that you gain depends on the amount of players of the opposite Nation that are on the server or map. For example, if at that certain time there were more active players from the opposing Nation than your own, you will gain more honor points for every monster that you kill.

Also, please remember that whenever you kill a player of the opposing Nation on the war server/map, you will gain 50 honor points. The name of the players from the opposing Nation is displayed in red and is scrambled when they are in war maps.

Finally, if you kill a player without a Nation (orange name), you will gain the same amount of honor points as when you kill a normal monster.

The Nation Wars
You can only join the Nation Wars after you complete the Nation Quest, which you can take only upon reaching level 95. After you’ve chosen either Capella or Procyon, you can take part in the daily struggle for National dominance. Only the first 100 heroes from each Nation can enter Tierra Gloriosa, the War Server. The two Nations will battle over the outposts that are being controlled by massively powerful guardians. The Nation that takes control of the opposing Nation's capitol will control the battlefield.

The war will go on day after day, however due to the agreement that Capella and Procyon entered with Sirius, the war can only last for one hour (1hr) per day. Entry to the Nation War costs 1,000,000 Alz, which will not be refunded regardless of whether you quit or get disconnected. The lobby is open for half an hour before the Nation War so that the members of each Nation will have time to plan their strategies, purchase items from the Grocer, leave items with the Agent of Port Services, and recover from their previous battles. While only 250 players can enter the lobbies, only 100 from each Nation can take part in the Nation War.

There are two kinds of Nation Wars: Personal and Mission.

Personal Nation Wars–is a general battle where players receive rewards based on the number of outposts they overtake and enemies they killed. It takes place once a day from Sunday through Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 hours.

Mission Nation Wars–after a Mission Nation War, all members of the Nation that won will receive spoils of war. Mission Nation Wars take place once every Saturday from 18:00 to 20:00 hours and on special events.

Now that you have the knowledge, it is up to you to live the oath that you have taken when you joined your Nation. Prepare yourselves for a glorious war on Tuesday, August 12!

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