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Cabal Online PhilippinesAs part of the initiatives in giving all BLOCKED USERS a chance for absolution, e-Games introduces the CABAL ONLINE Appeals Process- Amnesty Program.

This is a system that will allow blocked CABAL Online gamers to appeal for the immediate unblocking of their game accounts. Gamers with blocked accounts will have to send their appeals via formal EMAIL to

Steps on how to file an appeal:

1. EMAIL appeals will have to follow a specific Subject Format, otherwise their request will not be processed.

EMAIL Subject Format: /
Ex: Cabalist / Venus

*Note: Username and In-game name are different. Your username is the one you use to log in to your account, while your in-game name is your character’s name.

2. All blocked accounts are proven to have used 3rd party programs; and as such, the email request should contain an explanation of the following:

o Why did the player utilize hack/bot tools in CABAL Online?
o Why should e-Games unblock the account and give the player another chance to start over?
o Apology Statement: admission of wrong doing, and a promise not to violate the Game Policies again.

3. All applications will undergo a 7 day minimum processing period.

4. Accounts with valid reasons and sincere admission of their wrong doings will be flagged by the GMs.

5. Once approved, the said flagged accounts will be unbanned, however, the blocked user/s will need to pay a fine of 500 EP for the first offense/appeal. This will be automatically be deducted from their e-Games account once unblocked.

Amnesty Appeal – 500 EP
[Full clearance- Account is unblocked; Inventory is set as is.]

All applicants should have an available 500EP balance in their e-Games account. In case the appeal application is denied, the 500 EP stays in the user’s game account. He/She will have to wait for the duration of the penalty as stated in the Game Policy [60 Days Game Account Block for the 1st offense].

In case the player insists and strongly believes that he/she was blocked unjustly, they can try the second option: Request for Reinvestigation.

Request for Reinvestigation [7-Day processing after the receipt of original affidavit]


1. HELPDESK Ticket containing the following information:

Your Character Name:
Your Server:
Your Statement:

2. Attached copy [image format] of a notarized affidavit stating the user of the said account did not use a Third Party BOT/Hack Program.

3. Original Copy [to follow] of the Affidavit should be mailed to the e-Games Office:

IP E-Games
34th Floor Tower II RCBC Plaza
Ayala Avenue, Makati City


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