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Calling all Cabalists! Prepare to stand your ground as the two nations collide in the biggest war ever waged in Cabal Online.

Reach the required level and join a nation before the Scheduled Server Maintenance on August 12, 2008 to get a chance to win a +5 Osmium Set with 3 slots!

Cabalists who are able to complete “The Cloud of War” quest by 1:00PM of August 12, 2008 will also get 10 Odd Circles and will qualify for the raffle for Osmium Armor Set +5 with 3 slots.

Do you have what it takes to defend your nation? Then show us what you’ve got and you might just get one of these rare items! Don’t forget, the event cut-off will be until 1:00PM of August 12, 2008 only.

Happy e-Gaming CABALists!

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