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Game Mechanics for
WarRock: Double Trouble sa Glorietta 4

A 2v2 16-team WarRock Tournament at Glorietta 4

Schedule of event:

July 5, 2008


Glorietta 4 Activity Area

Time of event

Online Registration: July 1, 2008 (Via forum)
10:00am Start of Ground Registration (if necessary)
2:00pm Start of Briefing and Matches



Both professional and amateur gamers.
All AMPED members w/ Premium Accounts
Open to all groups of 2 members.
No Age Limit
All you have to do is register online, or onsite at the location before the actual start of the matches.

Registration Fees


Warrock Settings

Maps: Marien, Cadoro, Xauen, Velruf
Players: 2v2
Rules: Race to 5 (start)
Race to 7 (Finals- last 2 teams)
Type: Close Quarter Combat
Mode: Explosive

How to Join and Play


1. All you have to do is register online at the forums, or onsite at the event day.
2. Sign-up at the registration sheet, don’t forget to include your team name.
3. After signing up, get the Tournament team name label.
4. The Team would then be asked to wait for the briefing.
5. During the briefing, the GM would again explain the rules and what will transpire during the event.


1. After the GM briefs the participants, the drawing of slots for all the teams will follow. This would determine the opposing teams and time of matches.
2. The 2 teams that where placed on the first slot would now take their positions on each of their respective computer terminals.
3. Both teams will be given 5 minutes to fix all their game settings and configurations
4. A game room will now be created by a member of one of the 2 playing teams. (This would be determined thru toss coin on who shall be the one to create, and also the side to be played).
5. A password will be enforced to make sure no outsider will interfere in the match.
6. The marshal shall check if all the participants are already inside the specified room.
7. Once all the participants have their ready button clicked (marked by a green light), the event personnel may then give the go signal to start the game and make it official.

During the Game

1. At the start of round 1, both teams will be asked to meet in the middle of the map, to check if there is anyone being invisible. Once both teams are satisfied with all members being seen, they will be asked to return to their own base, and after 5 seconds, the game will be official.
2. If there’s any invisible player, the game will be restarted, and step 1 will then be done until all members are seen.
3. If a player drops out of a match in progress due to crash or disconnection (and if he was also fragged at the time), he or she may rejoin so long as the game allows it.
4. The game won’t be restarted, if there were already casualties (or deaths) that took place before the disconnection. If the game just started and no deaths took place, then the game will be restarted (and the score continued).
5. Intentional disconnection from the server warrants a +2 additional points for the opposing team for the duration of the game. A second offense warrants forfeiture of the game. Always consult your marshal and ask for his approval before disconnecting from the game to avoid this penalty.

After the Game

1. The participants will have to wait until the game marshal records the score of the round before being asked to log out of the server.
2. The game marshal shall then call in the next set of participants for the tournament to continue.

How to Win and Advance

Just finish on top of the ladder match while constantly winning the matches as it comes.

• Highest loser format in effect (if needed)
• 1 Lose–out elimination

Policies and Guidelines:

1. The player/team is expected to play on an orderly manner, therefore no cussing or cursing allowed on the server. A warning will be issued to those who violate this rule. Continuous violation (after 3 warnings) would result to a disqualification of that person during that particular game. This goes in effect during chat mode, before, during, and after the match.
2. The first rule applies in-game and in-house
3. The game marshal/ officer have the right to disqualify, or ban any player, before, during, and after each game set.
4. If the player is found using any illegal programs (like using cheats on the server, speed hacks, wall hacks…etc,) he will be barred from playing.
5. If a player is found using 2 accounts during the event, he and his team will be banned from continuing in the tournament.
6. All games will be played at the Alpha Server.
7. Piloting another player’s account is not allowed in the game
8. The gaming director and people at AMPED has every right to modify, edit and change the rules whenever they may see it fit.
9. A maximum of 16 teams are only allowed to play in the tournament. If the online registration has not reached 16 teams, onsite ground registration will be used until the desired maximum team is reached (or highest number of team participants)


First Place:
18, 000 dinars (Team)

2nd Place
10,000 Dinars (Team)

Good Luck, Have Fun and Feel the Fire ^_^


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