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From Level Up! Inc.:

We would like to thank our loyal players, especially those who have chosen to remain with us despite existing problems.

5 Jades of Abundance, lasting for 7 days each, will be given to all accounts in each server who have characters that fulfilled the following conditions:

1. At least level 25 and above
2. Logged in at least once between June 1, 2008, 12 AM, to June 24, 7:00 AM

Only the highest leveled character in each account and server will be given the jades. The jades can be transferred to other characters through the storage feature of the game (simply speak to the COINEXCHANGE NPC in your racial headquarters and select “Storage”).

Insertion will be done at 6 PM today, June 24. To receive the jades, players must log out then log in.

Click here to view the discussion thread regarding the week-long event.

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