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RAN Online VS Cabal Online???

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From hackenslash:

IP e-Games: Cabal won’t encroach on RAN market
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By Alex Villafania

DESPITE being its best launch so far, IP e-Games has said it does not see its new game Cabal Online competing directly with its most successful game RAN Online.

According to IP e-Games president Steve Tsao, Cabal Online is targeting a different market segment. While Cabal is set in a more medieval fantasy world, RAN has a modern world setting.

Tsao did not reveal the number of registered players in Cabal but said they have “a 110- percent server capacity” and that it is becoming a problem. He also said their concurrent user number is exceeding 40,000, with their servers already operating at full capacity.

“This is our best launch ever but we don’t see a reduction in players of RAN. Many of our Cabal players are new and are from other online games as well,” Tsao said.

Cabal Online has one of the shortest launch periods in the Philippines with only about one month from closed beta testing to commercial launch.

Developed by Korean firm ESTSoft Corp, the game takes place in a world called Nevareth laid to waste by a force called CABAL from which the game title is derived. Seven warriors rose to help survivors recover from the devastation. However, CABAL aims to return by producing a child to serve as king. It is the seven warriors who take up arms against the new threat from CABAL.

There are six character classes in Cabal: Warrior, Blader, Wizard, Force Archer, Forcer Blader, and Force Shielder. Each one has unique skills though they share similar modes such as combo attacks, battle aura and the ability to ride on an astral board (a surfboard-like vehicle).

One unique feature in the game is the War functionality, which allows a player to join one of two countries, Capella and Procyon. As the word implies, members of each nation can do player kills against characters from the opposing nation during a certain period when a War channel is opened.

Interesting, ne? =P

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