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Pangya: Fantasy Golf Online!

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Pangya is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) that lets you travel into the fantasy world of Pangya Island and play golf like it was never played before. And since it is a MMORPG, it allows you to play with other players and meet new friends along the way.

Just like in real life golf, you will encounter fairways, bunkers, water hazards, greens and rough terrain. Don’t be fooled by the sheer beauty of the characters and the environment because it’s a lot more complicated than it looks. You will find this information useful if you would like to try playing it (click here).

The picturesque courses are enough to make you feel relaxed as you journey through the magical world of Pangya Island. Although this game is a bit complicated, it can still be enjoyed by anyone who is young or young at heart.

Try it out, I’m sure you will find it uniquely charming and fun. Start your journey here.

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